snapcity booths

Our Booths

Our booths all use a Canon DSLR camera, promising you high quality keepsakes. Our soft box provides flattering lighting and our 22” touch screen is practical for use by all ages. Our external screen displays all the fun that has been had during your event, but is also customisable to cater to your needs. Our red carpet and bollards add a touch of glamour to your event, however they are optional. Want to spice things up a bit? All booths have the option of colour, black and white or sepia photos, which can be selected inside the booth. All booths are also capable of filming 10 second video messages, so your guests can really capture the mood and create a virtual guestbook.

Signature Booth

Our Signature Booth is the ideal solution for your next big event! Fitting up to 15 people, it is the perfect crowd pleaser for all guests. Create instant glamour with our optional red carpet and bollards, and maintain intimacy with our closed, luxurious red curtain set up (black and white curtains also available).

Open Booth

The versatility of our Open Booth makes it perfect for large groups, brand launches and corporate events. The option for custom backdrops makes it perfect for keeping your name fresh in the minds of guests and perfectly personalising your event. Fitting large groups of people into one photo is a snap!

Kid’s Booth

This special little guy is the perfect size and addition for your child’s next birthday or celebration. Add a customized backdrop or themed props and we guarantee the kids won’t want to stop snapping away!